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Do I see a small Piconjo reference in there...

...with the whole Wadolf thing?

It needed to be said

Good job man.

Im dissappointed

The graphics were the best yet, no doubt about that, but when I watch a magical trevor video, I want to hear a song that gets stuck in my head that I can walk around singing. This song's melody was lame and completely un-memorable, lacked the charm of the other three and was just random for the sake of being random. Therefore, I give "Magical Trevor 4" a 2/5.

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is there anyway you can make a version where we can change the controls, mac users cant use the pistol (ctrl+click = right click)

ScottProductions2002 responds:

Crap, I didn't think of that, I'll work on afix real quick.

It just doesnt work

I decided I would take my guitar and try to write a sweep solo in here and came across a major problem. The notes on the staff don't give off the correct tones. For example, i was trying to write an a minor arpeggio, i put the note in the "A" and I got the pitch "E". Also, it has very limited range, I could only stay in one octave. IDK, maybe im just not using it right. : /

AtemiS-Starburst responds:

Well, it wasn't made to be a professional tool for musician but rather an entertaining little web application. I am no musician so I didn't know the pitch was wrong BUT this will be fixed in V2 along with new clefs, layer, MP3 saving, etc, etc.

Thanks for the review :D

It was pretty obvious who the killer was...

...once you meet him.

But still, I liked how this was set up, It was like a perfect Columbo Sim haha.

Next time though, It should be a bit harder.

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